Story of the “world’s #1” running shoe 

Until the mid-1980s, the annual shoe issues of the major running magazines actually judged the quality of each year’s entries. That all changed after Runner’s World ranked the Hersey Original third in 1984 and then proclaimed the Hersey DPS to be the absolute best in 1985…in both the women’s and men’s categories!

Everyone was shocked, especially the giant running shoe manufacturers. They put so much pressure on the magazines that juried shoe issues were done away with forever.

Nowadays, very few people remember that most unlikely event, so just to prove it, we display the magazine cover and other photos on our website. (That’s our Hersey on Jaclyn Smith’s foot.) The point is that an unknown cobbler in a small town can make as good a shoe for you as a famous mass-production corporation can.

Or even better.