Custom-made vs. Custom-fit

 A shoe made only for you

A custom-made shoe is made only for you. In fact, it is designed for you, taking into consideration your own biomechanics, idiosyncrasies, fitness level, and the activities in which you will be wearing it. It is unlike any other shoe in the world, even the one on your other foot. We’re best known for padding the feet of people who like to run: weekend joggers, trail runners, iron-man competitors, and the nutty ultramarathoners who may pound their feet for days at a time. But many of our customers are people who simply like to be comfortable doing whatever they do, especially if they have a problem that off-the-shelf shoes may make worse. Nothing makes us feel better than to make a pair of shoes that alleviates the pain of someone with a serious health or bio-mechanical condition.

The difference

Custom made is very different from what some store clerks will call custom fit as they dig through the stacks for a pair of mass-produced shoes that just happen to fit your feet. Each Hersey Custom starts with the construction of a last and pattern designed just for you. Then we use the last to make the kind and style of shoe you want, building the uppers and the soles exactly to the specifications that you need.  Because we hang on to your last, we never run out of your favorite model of shoe. We can make more anytime you want, and we can resole your old Herseys for a fraction of the cost of a brand new pair of store-boughts.

Things the big guys can’t do

Double-Reverse Flare Foxing. You may notice that the material in the back of a Hersey is folded out and stitched to the top of the midsole. It’s called Double-Reverse Flare Foxing, and it adds strength, width and stability to the shoe while reducing the chances of pronating or supinating. Mass-manufacturers don’t do Double-Reverse Flare Foxing because they can’t. It has to be done by hand.

Different size shoes for different size feet. It’s very common for a person’s own feet to be different sizes. But have you ever tried to buy two different size shoes in a store without buying two pair and shuffling them around? If you buy a pair of Herseys, each one of your shoes will be the exact size and shape that your foot and your body need it to be. We can do this because we make one shoe at a time, not thousands.

Other custom things we can do

  • Specially shaped toe box for “Morton’s Toe” and other toe problems.
  •  A totally non-leather shoe made of 1.5 Clarino® synthetic leather for those who prefer the latter.
  •  Size adjustment for orthotic inserts. If this applies to you, make sure you measure your feet while standing on top of the inserts.
  • A “wear plug” for heel-strikers that can be replaced at minimal cost when the back edge of the outersole wears thin even though the rest of the sole is still good.
  • A choice of outersoles. As with all of our materials, we use only the highest quality outer soles we can find. Just tell us what you need; if you don’t see something that suits your needs we maybe able to find one that does.