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It’s the DPS that was rated the world’s number one running shoe by Runner’s World Magazine when we introduced it in 1984. (Juried shoe issues were immediately discontinued because of the protests from the giant manufacturers.)

DPS means Durometric Progression Midsole System. Simply stated, the durometer (density and resistance to compression) varies as your foot travels from the heel strike to mid-stance to toe-off. Because the midsole is made of five to six separate and distinct pieces of material, it can be fully customized to your individual bio-mechanical needs and to whatever degree of control and cushioning you require.

DPS also minimizes the weight of the midsole by placing the denser, therefore heavier, material only where it is needed. The lightweight upper is made of 1.5 mm Clarino® synthetic suede and nylon mesh, which make this shoe ideally suited for the runner who is concerned about weight but who cannot sacrifice control. Our standard carbon outersole maximizes traction and durability.  Overall, the DPS works well for the average-size runner who racks up high mileage.


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