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Hersey Custom Walking Shoes

Your Hersey Custom Walking or Racewalking Shoes will be made only for you, the same as Hersey Custom Running shoes would be.  In fact, they will be custom designed only for you, taking into consideration your own biomechanics, idiosyncrasies, fitness level, and what kind of walking or racewalking you’ll be doing. A Hersey Custom Walking or Racewalking Shoe is unlike any other shoe in the world, even the Hersey Custom on your other foot. Since the early 1980s, we’ve been making custom walking shoes for people who like to walk, whether recreationally on the street or competitively in races.

Hersey Custom WALKER:  Walking produces less shock than running, so there is less concern about shock absorption in a general walking shoe. With this in mind, we custom designed the Hersey Custom Walker with a lower heel lift than our custom running shoes and a slightly denser midsole, resulting in a lower center of gravity and maximum stability for your Hersey Custom Walker.  At the same time, we have managed to make the foresole flexible so that the shoe is not “hard.”

 Hersey Custom ALL-AROUND WALKER:  This Hersey Custom combines the comfort and support of a running shoe with the look of a casual, dress or professional shoe, depending on your needs. We use extremely high grade, very supple, full grain leather in your choice of black, brown or white, along with a plain-toe upper design. The Hersey Custom All-Around Walker is perfect for office workers, medical and law enforcement professionals, and anyone wanting a casual or dress shoe. The softness of this leather we use in the Hersey Custom All-Around Walker also makes it wonderfully comfortable for those with foot deformities. For arthritics and diabetics, we can also provide a super soft removable insert.

 Hersey Custom RACEWALKER: The challenge here was to create a low-profile custom trainer that was lightweight and flexible, yet durable and supportive.  Using the upper of the Hersey Custom TR (our trainer-racer running shoe) as a starting point, we developed a unique multi-piece midsole that is both stable and flexible. Then we gave the Hersey Custom Racewalker minimum heel lift and a super flexible forefoot that together make it easier for the wearer to maintain proper racewalking form.  Finally, we added a carbon rubber outersole to the Hersey Custom Racewalker that provides excellent traction and durability while keeping the shoe light enough for most racewalkers to use in competition as well as in training.

The Hersey Custom COMPETITION RACEWALKER: We developed this Hersey Custom in the late 1990s for some members of U.S. Olympic Racewalking Team. It’s extremely lightweight and flexible, and we achieved those characteristics by reducing the amount of Clarino® synthetic leather in the upper, shortening the heel counter, and using a blown rubber outersole with a bare minimum of midsole. Please understand that the Hersey Custom COMPETITION RACEWALKER is intended to provide just enough protection to serious competitors who would just as soon race barefoot if they could.



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