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Your Hersey Custom Running Shoes will be made only for you. In fact, they will be custom- designed only for you, taking into consideration your own biomechanics, idiosyncrasies, fitness level, and how you will be using them. A Hersey Custom Running Shoe is unlike any other shoe in the world, even the Hersey Custom on your other foot. Since the early 1980s, we’ve been custom-padding the feet of people who like to run: weekend joggers, trail runners, iron-man competitors, and the nutty ultramarathoners who may pound their feet for days at a time.

Custom made is not custom fit

A custom made running shoe is very different from what some store clerks will call a custom fit running shoe as they dig through the stacks for a pair of mass-produced running shoes that just happen to fit your feet. Each Hersey Custom starts with the construction of a last and pattern custom-designed just for you. Then we use the last to make the kind and style of custom running shoe you want, building the uppers and the soles exactly to the custom specifications that you need.  Because we hang on to your last, we never run out of your favorite model. We can make more anytime you want, and we can resole your old Hersey Custom Running Shoes for a fraction of the cost of a brand new pair of store-bought running shoes that are not custom made.

Specific custom differences…

You may notice that the material in the back of a Hersey Custom Running Shoe is folded out and stitched to the top of the midsole. It’s called Double-Reverse Flare Foxing, and it adds strength, width and stability to the shoe while reducing the chances of pronating or supinating. Mass-manufacturers don’t do Double-Reverse Flare Foxing because they can’t. It has to be custom made by hand.

It’s very common for a person’s own feet to be different sizes. But have you ever tried to buy two different size shoes in a store without buying two pair and shuffling them around? If you buy a pair of Hersey Custom Running Shoes, each one of your shoes will be the exact size and shape that your foot and your body need it to be. We can do this because we custom make one shoe at a time, not thousands.

Even though your Hersey Custom Running Shoes will be made only for you and each of your feet, they probably will fall into one of the basic custom categories described in detail on our website:  The Hersey Custom ORIGINAL, Hersey Custom DPS,  Hersey Custom TR, Hersey Custom TRAIL RUNNER,  Hersey Custom RACING FLAT, Hersey Custom HIGH TOP

 Please check them out and see which category of Hersey Custom Running Shoes would work best for you.




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