The economy of a Hersey

It sounds counter-intuitive to say that something that’s custom-made might be less expensive than something that’s mass-manufactured and sold off the shelf. But in the case of your Hersey shoes, it may be true, at least in the long run. Here’s why…

One equals more

When you wear out the soles of a pair of mass-manufactured shoes, you have to throw the shoes away, even if the other parts are still in good shape. When you wear out the soles of a pair of Herseys, we’ll simply replace those soles for a fraction of the cost of a new pair of shoes. On average, our customers are able to resole their Herseys four times, sometimes even more.  In one case, we kept putting new soles on the same pair of uppers for ten years (and 7,000 miles!) until finally there was nothing left to attach them to.  As long as we can put new soles on your Herseys without compromising the support you need, we will.

Quality lasts longer

We use the finest materials we can find for shoes, which we craft by hand right here in the U.S.  We also use techniques such as double-reverse flare foxing (not possible in a mass-manufactured shoe), which not only give you more stability, but also add to the longevity of your Herseys.

Keeping the doctor away

Shoes that don’t fit the people wearing them, or that don’t take into account individual needs, often cause or enable injury in any number of places within the body. Back and other alignment problems, including stress fractures, can result from improper shoes. In other words, cheap shoes can lead to expensive medical bills. Preventing and even correcting such problems is possible with shoes that are right for you.

We always have your model                        

After we make your first pair of Herseys, we keep your lasts and specifications. So, when you want more of the same, we’ll make them.  You won’t find yourself paying for shoes you can’t resole and that may go out of production at any time.

We’ll get it right                    

We do our best to make you perfect shoes the first time. But if they’re not, send them back and we’ll do our best to get it right. The big companies can’t do that.