Our Policies

Getting your shoes right

 Most of the shoes we make involve foot measurements and tracings sent to us by the customer. This usually works out very well. In those rare instances where the shoes do not come out exactly right the first time, we will knock ourselves out to correct the problem to your satisfaction.  However, we cannot promise a refund if for some reason we just can’t get it right.

 Keeping in touch

 Hersey Custom Shoe Company is a very small shop, and we are often making shoes when the phone rings or emails pop up in the inbox. We will get back to you as soon as we possibly can. Please let us know when we are most likely to reach you.

Method of Payment

Because we are small and the cost of making credit available to customers is so high, we are unable to accept credit cards. We happily accept checks, money orders and cash.


“I ordered my original Hersey shoes by post, providing measurements I took myself, and have never had problems in more than 100 marathons and ultras. So, a big thank you and a top tribute to Hersey Shoes.”

Michael Worne…South Africa